About Us

AM-WIND has been operating since April 2006.

The company was founded as a result of efforts to pursue investments in the form of its own wind turbines . In 2004 we bought the first turbine to produce energy for our use, the actions taken during the construction and administration gathered many people around us who were interested in such investments. With the amount of knowledge and personal experience regarding the construction of wind power we had gained, we entered the market in order to share what we had experienced.

Today, having theoretical knowledge and practical experience primarily on the turbines, their selection, purchase and installation, we offer a comprehensive range of investment services relating to the construction of wind turbines.

We are looking for solutions to adapt to the individual needs of each client covering a wide range of services:

  • selection and sale of wind turbines
  • construction of turbine foundations
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Servicing and monitoring
  • advice and assistance on:
  • selecting appropriate investment areas
  • documentation of administrative construction and electricity,
  • obtaining necessary permits and licenses including the report of the impact of wind turbines on the environment,
  • leasing land for turbines,
  • helping the land owners

We would like to familiarize the public with the problems and possibilities of renewable energy sources from wind turbines.

We conduct training seminars for planning and investing in wind energy. We advise farmers on how to lease land as preferably for the construction of wind turbines.

AM-WIND's goal is to provide quality service with guaranteed quality by using certified equipment and the latest technology.

We are opening up to the market needs, striving to meet the expectations of our customers and to wearing the name of a reliable partner